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Exotic Leopard Print Rabbit Skins

Large imprinted rabbit skins.

Ideal for crafts, black powder, mandellas, jewelry and more.

EA0061 $7.95 $6.95
($7.15 w/ 10% discount)

One Dozen
EA0061-D $79.00 $69.95
($71.10 w/ 10% discount)

Quality Faux Lambskin Rug

Enjoy the luxury, comfort and softness of a lambskin rug without the high price tag.

Real Leather hide combines with thick, rich synthetic fur. These hypo-allergenic and oderless rugs will add comfort and class to any living space.

Ideal for cabin, bed, floors, motorcycle pads, infant rugs and orthopedic use.

Rugs can be washed and air dried. Perfect for the senior citizen.

50% Off Sale

Single 40" x 25"

EA0051 $49.95 $24.97
($44.95 w/ 10% discount)

Rabbit Skins

Our large, velvet soft rabbit skins are ideal for garments, handbags, accessories. Also for trim on boots, jackets, vests, bags, etc.

These prime, select skins average 9” x 12”.

Available in a variety of earth tones.

EA0305 $8.95
($8.05 w/ 10% discount)

Sheepskin Rugs

Our thick, rich, soft sheepskin rugs are the perfect accent for den, cabin, coffee table or fireplace. Rugs are hypo-allergenic, great for comforters, motorcycle pads, infant rugs and orthopedic use.

Sexto Sheepskin rug approximately 22 sq ft.
White only.
EA0057 $379.95 EA
($341.956 w/ 10% discount)

Single Sheepskin rug approximately 7sq. ft.
Please specify A.Cream, D. Black, or F.Tipped.

EA0053 $79.95
($71.95 w/ 10% discount)

Double Sheepskin rug approximately 13 sq. ft
Please specify cream, black or tipped.

EA0054 $179.95 EA
($161.95 w/ 10% discount)

To wash your sheepskin rug use only warm or cold water. You can wash it in a machine or by hand. If you use your machine use Woolskin Sheepskin wash which is designed for sheepskin. Don't use any regular soaps or detergents.

Lay it flat for drying or you can stretch it over a close line. Do not place in the direct sun or near artificial heat such as a heater. It can damage the rug. If the wool curls after you wash it. Not to worry that's its natural state and you can brush it out while it's wet so it dries with that luxury fluffy look.

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