Hunting Humor Set of 2 Prints: "4 A.M. at Deer Camp" and "Buckville"

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These full color prints are a great gift for any deer hunter or hunting enthusiast! Set includes two prints (One print of "4AM at Deer Camp" and one print of "Buckville")

4AM at Deer Camp: It's 4:00 am. The shack's a disaster. The gang smells like yesterday's bacon. Deer season is underway and there's nowhere else you'd rather be. Does this deer camp look familiar? A portrait of your own, perhaps?

Buckville: Now you can capture the feeling of the deer season year 'round with this print by artist Fred Schmidt. The print is painstakingly drawn to capture all those little charms that make deer season and cramped quarters so appealing.

Size: 16" x 20"

Includes prints only (no frames)

Prints by Fred Schmidt