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Feature Items

Deeply Embossed Dyed Belts
1 1/2"
14 Styles to choose from

Assorted Cowhide/Pigskin Suede
For pouches, garments, small leathergoods, black powder

Cowhide Football Sides
Ideal for harness, straps, tool pouches, sheaths, crafts, black powder

Leather and Catalog Items

Ruled Cutting Mats
Smoother cuts, better accuracy

Foam Padding or Lining
Great for crafts, slippers, moccasins, purses, guncases

Upholstery Leather Pieces
Perfect for pouches, wallets, purses, crafts. Great Value!

Colored Simulated Sinew
Strong, flat, waxed thread for moccasins, lacing, kits

Natural Hair On Deerskin
Beautiful trophy fur for den, wall, craft display

T Shirts
Wildlife, Hunting and Outdoor
Three Shirts for $19.95

Shop these Sales at Leather Unlimited

Zinc Brass Plate Conway
Only $3.60 per Dozen

No Sew Thread
Ideal for mending, hemps, holding embellishments and more
Just $4.25

Conceal Carry Bag
Premium Black Cowhide
25% Off

Mexican Earrings and Pendants
Semi-Precious Stones
30% Off

Deer Information Posters
8 Posters for only $15.95

Soft Leather Shoulder Bag
Lined, zipper compartments, Quality
Black or Red Cowhide Bag
$10 Off

Chandelle & Maribu Boas
2 Yards of Feathers
Just $1.45

Light Weight Upholstery Leathers
Auto, furniture, garments, chaps, purses, crafts, black powder
50% Off

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