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Pheasant Skin

This skin provides a large variety of different sizes and colors of feathers for all uses.

ZK2001 $8.95
($8.05 w/ 10% discount)

Pheasant Wing

Ideal for crafts and black powder use.

ZK2002 $4.00
($3.60 w/ 10% discount)

Dozen Pair
ZK2003 $40.00
($36.00 w/ 10% discount)

Major Clearance!

Maribu & Chandelle Boas

Our handcrafted feathers are ideal for crafts, jewelry, leather accents and Black Powder use.
Excellent for Trim and Accents on Handbags and Garments.


Bright Colors Marabou Boas

Bright Colors. 2 yard Length.

ZK1008 $5.95 $.99
($5.35 w/ 10% discount)

Multi Colors Chandelle Boas

Bright Colors. 2 yard Length.

ZK1010 $5.95 $.99
($5.35 w/ 10% discount)

Bright Colors Chandelle Boas

Bright Colors. 2 yard Length.

ZK1009 $5.95 $.99
($5.35 w/ 10% discount)

Imitation Eagle Quills

Hand painted turkey wing feathers great for decoration or ceremonies. 12”-15” size. Approximately 300/lb or 18/oz.

Black and White Ounce
ZK1001 $7.95
($7.15 w/ 10% discount)

Black and White Pound
ZK1002 $79.95
($72.95 w/ 10% discount)

Solid Black or White Ounce
ZK1004 $6.95
($6.25 w/ 10% discount)

Solid Black or White Pound
ZK1005 $69.95
($22.95 w/ 10% discount)

Ringneck Pheasant Tails

8” to 10”. Suitable for jewelry, accents and general crafts.

ZK1003 $6.95
($6.25 w/ 10% discount)

Hand Painted Cooper Hawk Feathers
Our hand picked, custom crafted feathers are so real they fool the Fish and Game. Quality turkey feathers are carefully selected, trimmed to the perfect size and hand painted to look like the real thing. Enjoy the finest hand painted feathers available for that true authentic look.

Clearance 30% Off

This unique feather has broad stripes of light and dark brown. It is perfect for fans, drop feathers, bustles and crafts.

HF1020 $4.99 $3.49 EA
($4.49 w/ 10% discount)

HF1021 $57.00 $39.99 DZ
($51.30 w/ 10% discount)

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