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Boot Laces

Our 1/8” boot lace is cut from strong, tough, latigo type leather.

Specify Color: Black or Brown. 1/8” x 72”.

EA2172 $11.95
($10.75 w/ 10% discount)

EA2173 $95.00
($85.50 w/ 10% discount)

EA2174 $780.00
($702.00 w/ 10% discount)

Latigo Lace

Here is the strongest and most durable lace you can find.

Ideal for boot laces, drawstrings, necklaces, bags and black powder.

50 Foot spool. Lace width is 1/8"

Colors: Black, Medium Brown or Chieftan.

GA5030 $19.95
($17.95 w/ 10% discount)

Colors: Black, White, Yellow Red

Colored Simulated Sinew

A strong, flat, waxed thread excellent for moccasins, lacing, kits, chokers, etc.

70 lb sinew 8 oz spool, 300 yards (can be split into 5 threads)
IN5038 $7.95
($7.15 w/ 10% discount)


If you need a very strong leather grained 3/32” lace, the reinforced premium pyrolace is ideal.

Brown or Black. 100 yard spool

GA0545 $14.95
($13.45 w/ 10% discount)

Leather Laces

Colors: Brown or Black

Suitable for plant hangers,lacing bags, boot laces, etc

Available 3/16” wide, cut from 5 oz leather. Sold by the Dozen.

3/16” x 72”
EA2272 $11.95
($10.75 w/ 10% discount)

3/16” x 48”
EA2248 $9.95
($8.95 w/ 10% discount)

Temporarily Unavailable

Vinyl Lace

Brown or black

Rexlace is available in 3/32” width, 100 yd spools or 2500 yd economy spools.

Just the answer for economical lacing projects.

100 yd spool
GA0530 $2.95
($2.65 w/ 10% discount)

2500 yd spool
GA0540 $59.95
($53.95 w/ 10% discount)

Braided Waxed Cord

Ideal for necklaces, crafts, jewelry and more. 16" braided wax cord with 24" extension chain lobster clasp.

Sold by the dozen.

Specify color: Black, Brown, Cobalt, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red.

IN3633 $4.95
($4.455 w/ 10% discount)

Wax Lace Bundle

Our 2mm black waxed cotton lace is perfect for crafts, jewelry and beadwork.

One small bundle is about 300 feet
IN3631 $9.95
($8.95 w/ 10% discount)

Natural Simulated Sinew

A strong, flat, waxed thread excellent for moccasins, lacing, kits, chokers, etc.

70 lb natural sinew 8 oz sool, 300 yards (can be split into 5 threads)

IN5036 $7.95
($7.15 w/ 10% discount)

Deerskin Lace

Colors: A.Saddle Tan, C. Chocolate,
D. Black or E. Buckskin.

The soft, but strong, ideal lace for pouches, garments, bags, jewelry and black powder.

Available in 50’ spools in 3/16” or 1/8” width.

EA2199 $19.95
($17.95 w/ 10% discount)

EA2198 $15.95
($14.36 w/ 10% discount)

Suede Leather Lace

Strong 1/8” suede lace put up in 25yd continuous length. May be used for lacing, beading, trim and more.

Specify color: black, brown, chocolate, red denim, cobalt, toast, beige, white.

IN5002 $9.95
($8.95 w/ 10% discount)

Leather Cord

Our 1mm or 2mm leather cord is put up in 10 meter rolls.

It is ideal for jewelry, crafts, beading and black powder use.

Colors: Black, Red, Purple, Rust, Copper, Silver, Brown, Green

1mm cord
IN5039 $5.95
($5.35 w/ 10% discount)

2mm cord
IN5040 $6.95
($6.25 w/ 10% discount)

Waxed Cotton Cord

Ideal for jewelry, crafts and beading.

2mm, Black

288 yard roll
IN3630 $24.95
($22.46 w/ 10% discount)

Black. 100 yd roll.

IN3618 $9.95
($8.96 w/ 10% discount)

IN3619 $9.95
($8.96 w/ 10% discount)

Colors: Black, Cafe, Sand, Lilac and Sage.

Softee Pigskin Suede Lace

Our softee lace is cut from brushed pigskin and is strong with a tight nap.

Ideal for beads, garment trim, crafts and black powder use. 3/32", 50 feet spool.

GA5033 $9.95
($8.95 w/ 10% discount)

Braided Sinew

Similar to our regular sinew except a little wider as it's a 3-strand braid.

Good for stitching up leathercraft projects.

1/8" wide.

4mm x 20 yards
IN3614 $8.95
($8.05 w/ 10% discount)

Calf Lace

Temporarily Unavailable

Fine quality English calf leather is cut to our specifications.

50 yd spool. Specify brown or Black.

1/8” width.
GA0527 $41.95
($37.75 w/ 10% discount)

3/32” width.
GA0528 $37.95
($34.15 w/ 10% discount)

Spiral Laces

Our soft strong lace is available in assorted earth colors.

Please specify deerskin, suede or grain cowhide.

Sold by the Dozen. Four sizes:

1/4” x 48”
EA2201 $6.95
($6.25 w/ 10% discount)

1/8” x 48”
EA2205 $6.95
($6.25 w/ 10% discount)

1/4” x 72”
EA2208 $7.95
($7.15 w/ 10% discount)

1/8” x 72"
EA2211 $7.95
($7.15 w/ 10% discount)

Temporaily Unavailable

Rawhide Lace

Ideal for craft projects, garments, bags, jewelry and black powder use.

3/32" x 25 yds
IN4100 $13.95
($12.55 w/ 10% discount)

1/8" x 25 yds
($14.35 w/ 10% discount)

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