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Rawhide dates back to the early Americans. Their uses includes shields, drum head, lace, lamp shades and wraps. Rawhide is very firm as it has not been tanned, it has only been de-haired and cured.
Soak it in water for molding, cutting and shaping. It dries, stiffens and retains its shape.

Rawhide Deerskin

Our deerskin rawhide is ideal for drums, black powder, indian lore, jewelry and crafts.

2 oz in weight. Sold by the hide.

Average hide is 8-10 sq. ft.
RS1015 $49.95
($44.96 w/ 10% discount)

Average hide is 11-13 sq. ft.
RS1017 $59.95
($53.96 w/ 10% discount)

B Grade. Average hide is 9-11 sq. ft.
RS1016 $45.95
($41.35 w/ 10% discount)

Rawhide Goatskin

This lightweight, 1 oz., goatskin rawhide is ideal for lace, lampshades, drums and buckskinning.

Average skin is 7-8 sq. ft. Sold by the hide.

RS1011 $45.95
($43.45 w/ 10% discount)

Rawhide Drum Covers

Crafted with1-2 oz. goat rawhide and value priced.


12" Average
RS1025 $5.95
($5.36 w/ 10% discount)

14" Average
RS1026 $6.95
($6.26 w/ 10% discount)

18" Average
RS1027 $7.95
($7.16 w/ 10% discount)

20" Average
RS1028 $9.95
($8.95 w/ 10% discount)

24" Average
RS1029 $14.95
($13.45 w/ 10% discount)

Cow Rawhide

Our 5/6 oz cow rawhide is ideal for indian lore, buckskinning and craft projects. makes drum tops, moccasin soles, knife sheaths, wraps, and more.

Average hide is 20-24 sq. ft.

RS1031 $149.95
($134.95 w/ 10% discount)


Rawhide Lace

Ideal for crafts, blackpowder and Indian lore use. Aprroximately 1/4".

10 meters
BP1021 $14.95
($13.45 w/ 10% discount)

100-200 meter spool
BP1023 $1.20 per meter
($1.08 w/ 10% discount)

Rawhide is firmer and much more brittle than other kinds of leather, and is primarily associated with uses such as drum heads or north western home furnishings where it doesn't have to bend significantly.

It's also cut up into strips for use in lacing or stitching, or to create many assortments of puppy chews or bones.

Rawhide Buffalo

Our natural 6/7 oz rawhide buffalo is ideal for indian lore, buckskinning and black powder. Use for drum tops, moccasin soles, throngs, horn wraps and larger projects.

This hide is dehaired and cured but not tanned. Just soak in water and it will easily cut or form. Average hide is 28-32 sq. ft.

RS1030 $349.99
($314.99 w/ 10% discount)

Temporarily Unavailable


Rawhide Horse

Our 4-5oz Horse Rawhide is ideal for drum covers, Indian lore, Black Powder, Moccasin soles, Thongs and more. 

Average hide is 20-25 sq. f.t

Grade I
  RS1013 $129.95
($116.95 w/ 10% discount)

Grade II
  RS1012 $114.95
($103.45 w/ 10% discount

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