Belgium Diecraft

Belgium Diecraft is a full service cutting die manufacturer. It is our primary goal to provide our customers with the right die for any cutting situation. A cutting die, cutting surface, and cutting press as a system should be considered for an efficient cutting room operation.

Our services includes the following:

  • Manufacturing of cutting dies: We can make practically any type of cutting die, using the latest modern equipment.
  • Cutting die repair services: This includes welding broken dies, sharpening dies, resurfacing, and resharpening.
  • Pattern services: If you need patterns or layouts, our skilled pattern makers are here to help! If you do your own pattern work, send us your pattern for quick quote. (email: or fax 920-994-4099)
  • Cutting pad services: We will plane your cutting pad. We also are a distributer of new cutting pads at a competitive price. 
  • Consultation for any cutting or trimming application.
  • Machine shop services.
  • Custom parts services.

The following information is required to order the right die for your particular cutting application:

  1. An accurately detailed pattern, blueprint or sample piece to be cut.
  2. The type and height of die. For example: 3/4” by 1/8” Beverly die.
  3. The type of cutting press and cutting pad for this application.
  4. The stamped marking necessary for this die, such as size, style, model, part number, date, etc.
  5. The type of material and number of layers to be cut. A sample is very helpful.

Please contact us for quotes and/or questions.

  • Phone: 920-994-9464 (toll free: 1-800-993-2889)
  • Email:
  • Fax: 920-994-4099