Craft & Internet Business Resources

Turn your hobby into a money-making business with these entrepreneur tips and resources:

Fairs and Festivals Calendar for Vendors

This super website has a detailed calendar of local fairs and festivals. It also has resources for jewelry vendors, craft vendors, art vendors, commercial vendors, and food vendors. Click here to check it out!

Flea Market Money Making Tips

Learn how to make your own flea market business that actually succeeds. Click here for this insightful book.

    How to Be Successful at your Craft Business 

    This excellent ebook will teach you how to make your craft business thrive. 

    Work from Home- Craft Job Opportunities

    This directory has over 250 companies looking for people to make crafts, create jewelry, do sewing projects, do woodworking, and more. Click here to find a job doing something you enjoy!

    Craft Ideas to Make and Sell

    This book has a long list of crafts that sell the best. Learn what sells, what doesn't sell, and why. A great resource for anyone looking to improve a craft business!

    How to Start Your Own Craft Business

    This helpful guide shows how to start, run, and market a successful craft business.

    The Newbies Guide to Internet Success

    Check out this great book that will guide you through selling products online successfully. If you're looking to sell your crafts online, this is a wonderful resource.

    Get the Best Business Results

    Learn how to take your business to the next level. This book has a unique collection of techniques to beat your competition and reach your business goals.