Make your own Moccasins - DIY Leather Moccasin Craft Project - Men - Women - Children - Infant - Handmade Moccasins Kit

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Make your own suede or soft cowhide grain leather moccasins with this high quality, long-lasting moccasin kit.

This is a great leather craft kit for personal enjoyment, a gift, a project for an arts and crafts class, craft fairs, and much more.

Adult sizes: 2 to 14
Children's sizes (from smallest to largest): 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 8-10, 11-12, 13-1, 2-3
Infant sizes: S, M, L

*PLEASE NOTE: Sizes are approximate. Please call (920-994-9464) or message us with foot measurements, and we will help you choose the correct size.

Lengths for the children's sizes are as follows: 1-2(6 1/2"), 3-4(7"), 5-6(7 1/8"),

7-8(7 1/4"), 9-10(8"), 11-12(8 1/4"), 13-1(8 1/2"), 2-3(9")

*Another sizing option that past customers have appreciated is:
1) Trace your foot on a piece of paper.
2) Send us the picture.
3) We will then match it up with the correct size.*

Illustrated assembly instructions included.

Color: assorted earth tones (assorted browns and tans)

Leather type: suede or soft cowhide grain leather

Please specify size, gender, and leather type in the drop down menu.

Please note: Only adult moccasins come with the fringes. The children and infant moccasins have tongue pieces without fringe.