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Rifleman Hunting Frock Pattern - Make Your Own Fringed Leather Coat - Costume Pattern for Rendezvous or Historical Reenactments

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This fringed coat was standard wear for Eastern Woodsmen from the French & Indian War. Includes options for cuffs, cape and fringe treatment. Can be made using any type of garment leather. A great craft project for both him and her! Sizes available: M, L, XL, XXL (You cut out the size you need).

The Rifleman's Frock, sometimes referred to as a Hunting Shirt, was widespread among the Continental Army during the American Revolution. George Washington viewed the frock as ideal military wear. It typically featured an open-front construction and was secured with a buckle-secured belt or sash, although pullover styles were also available. Allowing space for extra layers, the frock proved a practical year-round choice that was also relatively straightforward to create.

This loose-fitting, practical garment could be customized with various decorations--from a plain and simple version to a more elaborate and fringed style. The fringe was constructed of strips of the same material, stitched on and then rolled to achieve the classic fringed effect. The coat sleeves could be simple or pleated, with or without cuff buttons. Fabrics were often dyed in shades of black, navy, brown, gray, ash, or green, or left in the natural undyed color of the material.

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