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Giving Back

At Leather Unlimited, we aim to make a positive impact through sustainable practices and charitable donations.

Our vegetable leathers, in partnership with AP Müller, are produced with 100% sustainability. They are tanned using natural vegetable tannin, a biodegradable component that comes from nature. Beyond that, production is carried out using only organic linen chemicals and processes that avoid water consumption. During the process, pieces of the raw material become redirected for other uses, such as collagen, gelatin production, and cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, so nothing goes to waste! This is eco-friendly leather - leather with a purpose and a conscious! Read more about EcoVeg leather here.

Leather Unlimited also practices reusing and recycling. We utilize clean, gently used boxes and protective materials to package and ship out our products. In addition, some of our most loved products, such as our Moccasin Kits and other leather craft kits are manufactured in-house using scrap pieces of leather. Take a look at our leather scrap bundles for your own crafting creations, and help put less waste into the environment!

Finally, Leather Unlimited contributes to Trees for the Future (TREES). This non-profit organization confronts hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation through training farmers, planting trees, and sustainably restoring landscapes. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to add a donation to your order from the product pages. Thank you for your support!

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