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Buckskin Leather Pants Pattern - Make Your Own Vintage Leather Pants - Frontier Mountain Man and Fur Trapper Design

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An authentic vintage 1800's style pants pattern that can be made using any type of garment leather. Includes a waistband, flared legs, and a button fly. Sizes 30-42 (You cut out the size you need). A great craft project for both him and her! Can be used for historical reenactments and rendezvous.

From the late 1700s to the end of the 18th century, buckskin pants were essential for trappers, traders, and frontiersmen from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Coast. Many of these mountain men initially outfitted with commercially-made cloth trousers, but they quickly proved inadequate for the harsh conditions of the frontier and were replaced with buckskin pants modeled after their cloth counterparts. Leather trousers were much more durable for the strenuous lifestyle of trapping, riding, and everyday frontier life, and could either be made by the mountain man themselves or Indigenous people from allied tribes.

Pants often featured plain designs; however, fringe was a popular embellishment. Some also had floral beadwork down either leg.

These Buckskin Pants feature an authentic Frontier Mountain Man and Fur Trapper design with an easy construction process. The pants are highly durable and can be used with either a belt or suspenders.

This style of clothing was commonly worn by Eastern woodsmen in the French and Indian War and beyond the American Revolution. This pattern offers a range of cuff, cape, and fringe choices.

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