Deerskin Rawhide - 2 oz Hide - Large - Extra Large - A Grade - B Grade

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Our large, lightweight, 2 oz deerskin rawhide leather skin is ideal for lace, lamp shades, drum head covers, buck skinning, black powder accessories, Indian lore, jewelry, and other DIY leather craft projects. These will have holes in the hides as they are hunter killed hides. Sold by the hide.


  • Large: 8-10 square feet (available in both A grade and B grade)
  • Extra Large: 11-13 square feet (A- grade only)

Rawhide is very firm since it has not been tanned- it has only been de-haired and cured. Soak it in water for molding, cutting and shaping. It will then dry, stiffen, and retain its shape.