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Diamond Coated Bead Reamer Jewelry Making Tool Set

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A must have craft tool for the serious beader. Includes four interchangeable diamond coated reamers and a wooden handle. 

These reamers are specifically crafted for extended longevity. Reamers with long points work well to enlarge and refine bead holes, and those with a compact shape are ideal for smoothing edges at the drill hole.

Bits may also be used in a low RPM power tool. Ideal to clean your beads for quality jewelry.

How to use a bead reamer:
1. Wet the bead and the bead reamer.
2. File into the bead from one end.
3. Once a hole in the bead is made, flip the bead over and file in another hole.

Tip shapes and sizes:
• Cone Shape: 1.75" overall length
• Cylinder with Cone Head: 1.75" overall length
• Tapered Tip: 2.75" overall length
• Pointed Tip: 2" overall length

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