Electric Branding Iron - Custom Leather, Wood, Canvas Heat Stamp Embossing Tool

Leather Unlimited

SKU: GA0200

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Customize, personalize or add a custom logo to your products with this personalized electric branding tool.

This heat embosser will brand leather, suede, wood, canvas, food, etc.

Each tool is individually made with a solid brass head and the personalized engraving of your choice.

Due to the custom work involved, please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. Please select type in drop down menu, and message or call us (920-994-9464) to specify your customization.

Available 4 ways:

  1. Handcrafted by [your name here, up to 20 characters]
  2. Property of [your name here, up to 20 characters]
  3. [your logo/signature/special letters/etc. here]
  4. [your logo/signature/special letters/etc. here]

Size of option #1- 0.75" x 3"

Size of option #2- 0.75" x 3"

Size of option #3- 1" x 2.75"

Size of option #4- 1.5" x 2"