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Leather Craft Awl Tool Kit For Stitching, Punching, Sewing, Repairs

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Very useful leather craft tool kit that stitches, punches and repairs leather or canvas. This tool set features a solid body with waxed polyester thread and diamond point needles, allowing you to securely produce a lock stitch as strong as one created with a sewing machine, with effortless ease.


  • bobbin with 14 yards of coarse thread
  • 2 needles (1 straight needle, 1 curved needle)
  • 30 yard spool of natural waxed polyester thread 
  • instructions


  • Outdoor & Camping Equipment Repairs  -  Fix tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, tarps, etc.
  • At home - Perfect for minor upholstery, shoe repair (even hiking boots!), and other rips.
  • Saddles and Harness Repair  -  An essential tool for the tack room!
  • Athletic Equipment  -  From baseball gloves to hockey pads, this tool will help you repair your equipment and return to the game!
  • Sails & Mooring Cover Reparation - Fix Sails, Covers, Seats and Tubes
  • Auto Tops & Upholstery Repair - Easy repairs in the garage
  • Inflatables & Bounce Houses 
  • Leather Craft  -  Sew or repair shoes, purses, luggage, and more!

Need extra thread or needles? Please see our "Extra Black, Brown & White Awl Thread" and "Extra Awl Needles" listings.

Made in the USA.

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