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Repair-All™ by Sno-Seal Flexible Adhesive Repair Kit

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Repair-All™ by Sno-Seal is clear, non-flammable, cleans up with soap and water, and is extremely flexible. Reach for Repair-All™ whenever a flexible and waterproof repair is needed.

Repair-All™ should be applied between 50° and 80° F, but after curing, maintains strength and flexibility from -40° to +150° F. It can stretch to 8 times its length enabling it to adhere to material as flexible as a nylon tent and material that is twisting and folding like a rope or a wet suit. It has UV protection for lasting waterproof repairs in the outdoors like a convertible top, camper corner and seams, and water toys. Repair-All™ resists salt water, mildly acidic or alkaline water, and most water based liquids. It even provides short exposure resistance to a wide range of solvents.

Repair-All™ adheres well to almost any clean dry material except polyethylene, polypropylene and fluoropolymer. Rough and porous surfaces hold best. Glass, metals, plastics and wood all work well, even when smooth, and can often be improved with sandpaper. It is excellent for repairing wear spots and tears in fabrics. It will fill the stitching holes of tents, clothes, shoes, awnings, covers, etc.

2 oz. tube.

• Thousands of uses - for every flexible repair
• Indoor, outdoor, and underwater use
• 24 hour care
• UV resistant for years
• Waterproof and clear
• Seals tent seams, tears, punctures and worn spots
• Adds reinforcement
• Repairs waders, footwear, boats, water toys, air mattresses, doors, windows and more
• Re-attaches and re-builds worn soles

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