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Zero™ Sport-Wash Hair & Body Soap

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The only residue-free shampoo and body cleanser. Zero™ Sport-Wash Hair & Body Soap is a clear gel. It creates rich lather to leave hair, skin and scalp so clean that it takes hours for odor causing bacteria to appear. By rinsing completely, it leaves nothing behind to alert game, attract insects, or irritate skin. Even after weeks of regular use, it leaves you squeaky clean because it does not build a residue.

Other brands distinguish themselves by what they leave behind. You can feel it and smell it. These chemicals are easily detected by game animals and are far more obvious than the human scent you are trying to wash away.

Soap residue also nourishes re-growth of odor causing bacteria. Eliminate it all with residue-free Zero™ Sport-Wash Hair & Body Soap.

16 oz.

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